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Summer Groups!

All classes (times listed below): June 6, June 13, June 20, June 27, July 4(NO CLASS), July 11, July 18, July 25,  Aug 1


LEGO My Pencil!

This class is a LEGO handwriting class that will be catered to children who can write their letters/words, but need to work on letter placement to the lines, spacing, sizing, letter formation and overall readability of written work. We will teach the skills needed to be functional strong writers.  We will be addressing hand strength issues and fine motor precision skills in order to improve your child’s ability to write.  We hope to make the task of handwriting AS FUN AS POSSIBLE this summer so please do expect a sensory rich approach to handwriting as well as play with lego’s EVERYDAY in this class! This class is for children of All Abilities!


*Parent must provide a handwriting sample prior to the first day of class so we know where your child’s skills are before group begins!

8 weeks: $350 (10:15-11:00am)


Independence is Key!

This class is a life skills class to teach the fine motor skills needed to complete buttons, snaps, zippers, shoe tying and the hand skills needed to be successful in life.  We will review tooth brushing, getting dressed, using utensils and taking care of their own self care needs. The group focus will be to promote the importance of doing self care tasks with the least amount of support needed. This class is open to children of All Abilities and will run for 8 weeks in length.  We will do finger strengthening, dexterity games and work on building friendships along the way. We will cater each group to the needs of the group members.  

*Parent must fill out ADL checklist prior to group!

8 weeks: $350 (11:15-12:00)


Core Stability!

This class is for kids who need to improve their core abdominal strength needed for upright posture in a chair.  A strong core means that your child can sit upright better for mealtime as well as during seated school work.  This class will incorporate movement, bilateral coordination 
and midline activities which foster attention, focus, hand dominance and reflex integration. We will be working on therapy balls as well as on the floor for this class, so please dress comfortably. We also plan to have fun and work on social skills along the way! This class is for children of All Abilities!

8 weeks: $350 (12:00-12:45)



*Please contact Allison Young to register today at 614-378-9079 or! Payment due at time of registration. We accept HSA accounts, Cash, Check, DCBDD funding, FCBDD funding. We also have limited space left for Summer 1:1 OT sessions in your home.  Sign up today!

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